Debra (Lily) Tarbet, RN, MSN

ACNA Director

I have had the good fortune to be a registered nurse for over thirty years. I have worked in every area of nursing throughout my career, always with the emphasis on holistic care, in my relationship with patients. I have had personal success with the use of cannabis for medical use and have had to learn by trial and error. Even when the medical cards became available, I was disappointed in the lack of relationship and knowledge by the MD who wrote the recommendation. This I have learned is typical and is frustrating for those of us who want to use this wonderful plant in a medicinal way. I was so excited to join the ANCA and to complete the curriculum for nurses that was offered. Because I have successfully used this plant topically for a condition that was difficult for me to walk and also the oil for my husband who has cancer, many individuals have come to me with questions on how to use this plant. I continue to increase my knowledge from reliable resources and also combine this with good dietary guidelines. I am excited to be part of this new body of knowledge and just want to keep learning and sharing.

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