2020 Election

The 2020 Board of Directors Election will open on December 1 and will close on December 15. This year, ACNA is looking to fill five (5) positions for the Director-at-Large position. Review the Candidates NOW to prepare to cast your vote.  

You must be an active Regular or Retired Member in order to vote. 

Position Descriptions

Director-at-Large: The Board of Directors, consisting of the Officers and At-Large Board Members, is the governing body for the organization.  The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected by the Board from the current Board Members at the first Board meeting of the calendar year.  Qualifications for Director may include previous service to the association, conference attendance, service on a committee or task force, presentations at the annual conference, and/or other service as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Directors may be re-elected for an additional two (2) year term. 


  • At least two (2) years as a Regular or Retired Member in good standing. Student Members are not eligible. 
  • Previous or active service on ACNA committees. 
  • Commitment to integrity and transparency and dedicated to the values of the nursing profession.
  • An understanding of the time commitment of the position so that they can give the position the attention it deserves. In it recommended that all candidates read the ACNA Bylaws, particularly Article V. 
  • Demonstrated expertise in nursing, demonstrated through years of service, expert knowledge, or service in other non-profit organizations.
  • Have a working knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System and appropriate medical use of cannabis with exceptional critical thinking abilities.  Some public speaking or education experience is a plus.


    • Commit to 10-15 hours a month for ACNA work 
    • If asked, serve as Chair of a Committee 
    • Act as the decision-making body for the membership
    • Govern the organization following the by-laws, policies and procedures approved by the Board
    • Develop priorities and goals based on community needs and funding requirements
    • Review and, if appropriate, approve recommendations from Board committees and staff
    • Participate in the annual planning process and review
    • Be accountable to the community through the membership
    • Be accountable to funders in meeting contractual obligations
    • Assess the organization’s effectiveness on a regular basis
    • Work with staff in a respectful, positive and supportive way
    • Understand the role of staff and respect the boundaries between Board and Staff roles
    • Maintain positive relations and regular contact with members and the community
    • Officers (President, President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary) have additional duties related to their position on the Board


    • Attend regular Board and Committee meetings and any special meetings or events
    • Understand the organization's mission and mandate
    • Keep up to date on issues, community trends and needs
    • Participate on committees as required
    • Follow conflict of interest and freedom of information/confidentiality policies. In it recommended that all candidates read the Conflict of Interest policy prior to application. 
    • Review and be informed on financial and budget matters

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