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    • 29 Sep 2017
    • 30 Sep 2017
    • Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany

    International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (logo)The Cannabinoid Conference 2017 or the IACM 8th Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine will take place at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, Germany, on 29-30 September 2017.

    For more information visit:

    • 11 Oct 2017
    • 14 Oct 2017
    • Atlanta, Georgia
    International Drug Policy Reform Conference
    by the Drug Policy Alliance

    Registration will open in the Spring of 2017.

    For more information visit:

    • 10 Nov 2017
    • 8:00 AM (EST)
    • 15 Nov 2017
    • 11:00 AM (EST)
    • Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

    This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the PA State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 

    Topics and schedule:

    Every Morning Yoga and Mindfulness classes on the beach
    (not mandatory)

    Saturday, November 11th, 2017
    The Role of Aromatherapy
    In Nursing Care
    Terrence Shenfield BS, RRT-ACCS,RPFT, NPS, AE-C

    Understanding The Endocannabinoid System of Medical Cannabis Ken Wolski RN, MPA
    Executive Director Coalition for Medical Marijuana- New Jersey, Inc

    Too much ZANC? Interpreting the
    Labs on Infection-
    Including Cannabis Labs! Kristen Luttenberger RN,MSN,CCRN-CMC,PCCN,APN-C

    Yoga for Chronic
    Low Back Pain Joan Della Rocca

    Evidence Basis for the Use of Prayer for Healing Joan Della Rocca

    Monday, November 13th, 2017
    Whole Foods and Optimum Nutrition Terrence Shenfield

    Medical Marijuana: State and Federal Laws Ken Wolski RN, MPA
    Executive Director Coalition for Medical Marijuana- New Jersey, Inc

    History of Medical Cannabis in Nursing Kristen Luttenberger RN,MSN,CCRN-CMC,PCCN,APN-C

     Cognitive Decline: How to Keep Your Brain Sharp! Joan Della Rocca

    Marijuana Dependence Joan Della Rocca

    Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
    Delivering Doses of Medical Cannabis: What is Best? Terrence Shenfield 

    Ethical Considerations of Medical Cannabis Ken Wolski RN, MPA
    Executive Director Coalition for Medical Marijuana- New Jersey,Inc

    OMG! Do We Really Need All These Antihypertensives? Traditional Versus Natural Therapies Kristen Luttenberger RN, MSN, CCRN-CMC,PCCN,APN-C

    Holistic Self-Care for Nurses Joan Della Rocca

    How Thick is Your White Coat? When the Nurse Becomes the Patient Kristen Luttenberger RN, MSN, CCRN-CMC,PCCN,APN-C

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Past events

22 Jun 2017 The 27th Annual International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium on the Cannabinoids
12 Jun 2017 The Cannabis Business Summit
06 Jun 2017 NM Meetup (Albuquerque)
05 Jun 2017 Eleventh Annual Native American Economic Development Conference
02 Jun 2017 United Patients Group presents - "Cannabis -a Clinical Focus"
31 May 2017 Medical Cannabis Education Symposium
18 May 2017 ACNA Meet Up in Berkeley
18 May 2017 2017 National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
05 May 2017 ACNA Meet Up in Denver
27 Apr 2017 Webinar: Extractions & Testing: Proper Practices for Successful Business Ventures
22 Apr 2017 NECANN New England Cannabis Convention
21 Apr 2017 World Medical Marijuana & Business Conference & Expo
13 Apr 2017 Southern California Meetup April 2017
09 Apr 2017 CannMed 2017 Conference
06 Apr 2017 27th Annual Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference
01 Apr 2017 New Mexico Medical Cannabis Conference
15 Mar 2017 What nurses need to know about Medical Cannabis
09 Mar 2017 ACNA Southern CA March Meetup
07 Mar 2017 American Nurses Association Annual Conference
22 Feb 2017 Annual Assembly of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine & the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association
18 Feb 2017 What Nurses need to know about Medical Cannabis
14 Jan 2017 New Mexico MeetUp January 2017
12 Jan 2017 Cannabis Intelligence - Empowerment Through Education
10 Dec 2016 PA-Keystone MeetUP
14 Nov 2016 Marijuana for Medical Professionals
12 Nov 2016 ACNA PA Meetup
12 Nov 2016 Bioflavonoids, Terpenoids and Cannabanoids: Connecting the “noids”
22 Oct 2016 Portland Cannabis Convention
21 Oct 2016 ARNPEI Fall Conference Right Here- Right Now: Understanding: The Implications of MAID and Medical Marijuana
21 Oct 2016 Nurses' Medical Cannabis Workshop: A Clinical Focus
19 Oct 2016 ACNA CA Meetup
13 Oct 2016 ACNA NM October Meetup
04 Oct 2016 Cannabis Science Conference
30 Sep 2016 Holistic Nursing and the Endocannabinoid Connection
28 Sep 2016 What Nurses Need to Know About Medical Cannabis
25 Sep 2016 The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know
24 Sep 2016 Medical Cannabis Symposium
12 Sep 2016 Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana
11 Sep 2016 International Medical Cannabis Conference (Cann10)
25 Aug 2016 Medical Cannabis CME
17 Aug 2016 ACNA CA Meetup
11 Aug 2016 ACNA NM August Meetup
11 Aug 2016 ACNA IL August Meetup
14 Jul 2016 ACNA IL July Meetup
14 Jul 2016 ACNA MA Meetup
13 Jul 2016 ATECAM Holistic Nursing Conference
16 Jun 2016 ACNA CO Meetup
09 Jun 2016 ACNA NM Meetup
09 Jun 2016 ACNA IL Meetup
09 Jun 2016 ACNA NY Meetup
26 May 2016 AutismOne 2016
21 May 2016 United Patients Group presents: Medical Cannabis: The Science. The Truth
14 May 2016 United in Compassion
12 May 2016 ACNA Southern CA Meetup
12 May 2016 ACNA UT Meetup
12 May 2016 ACNA IL Meetup
12 May 2016 ACNA OR Meetup
10 May 2016 The Solution to the Opioid Epidemic
30 Apr 2016 Innovation in the Cannabis Industry: Technology, Medical, & Investment
27 Apr 2016 ACNA CA Meetup
23 Apr 2016 2nd Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference
14 Apr 2016 ACNA IL Meetup
14 Apr 2016 ACNA Annual Business Meeting
14 Apr 2016 Patients Out of Time presents The Tenth Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics: "Cannabis: A Botanical Medicine"
07 Apr 2016 ACNA NJ Meetup
14 Nov 2015 San Francisco Bay Area Hospice & Palliative Nurses Association
01 Oct 2015 Las Vegas Hempfest Oct. 1-3, 2015
07 Aug 2015 National Association for Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder: Treatment Options
19 Jul 2015 NY State Compassionate Care Act - Medical Cannabis Informational Session
29 Jun 2015 International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium
19 Jun 2015 Herbal Healing presents: US Cannabis Expo, Colorado Springs, Colorado
13 Jun 2015 CORE Marijuana and Health Symposium
21 May 2015 1st Annual Advanced Core Curriculum -- Beyond the Basics
21 May 2015 2nd Annual Core Curriculum in Cannabis Nursing Pre-conference Workshop
21 May 2015 The Ninth Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics: "Celebrating the Past -- Embracing the Future" May 21-23, West Palm Beach, Florida.
20 May 2015 ACNA Annual Business Meeting
07 May 2015 Celebrating National Nurses Week with Women Grow
17 Apr 2015 Cannabis Medicine: The Role of the Nurse
10 Apr 2015 Medical Marijuana: Myths & Medicine
26 Mar 2015 Medical Marijuana: Myths & Medicine
25 Feb 2015 Cannabis Business and Health Care Insights (Ramapo College: Mahwah, New Jersey)
23 Feb 2015 Medical Marijuana in New Jersey
21 Feb 2015 FREE WEBINAR! Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System

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