Sarah Cohen, RN

ACNA Director

Sarah took an unconventional path to ACNA having initially pursued a technical career. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, Schenectady, NY and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Sarah’s master’s research at Northwestern demonstrated her early interest in human physiology where she studied human gait at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

After working in manufacturing, information technology and marketing, Sarah returned to school and received an AAS in Nursing from the College of Lake County, in Grayslake, Illinois in 2103. She began her healthcare career working in hospice as an RN Case Manager. She then worked for two years as an RN and Agent at a cannabis dispensary in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Sarah’s work in hospice enabled her to care for people in their final moments of life and allowed her to observe first-hand how compassionate and evidence-based care can help alleviate pain and suffering. She believes that, as patient advocates, nurses must drive the reasoned, careful integration of medical cannabis into our nation’s healthcare delivery systems. She is grateful to be contributing to this effort.

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