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About this Document

As the American Cannabis Nurses Association develops and grows, one of ACNA's most significant goals is to become recognized by ANA/ANCC as a nursing specialty. Offering a recognized certification process for cannabis nursing is not only valuable to our nursing members, it will ultimately benefit the patient populations and communities we serve. ACNA initially begin this process in 2017 by drafting an original Scope and Standards of Cannabis Nursing Practice. This was followed by a revision in 2019 to include the APRN role. These documents are currently incomplete as per ANCC standards and required processes; we are in an evolutionary process with future work to be completed within the Credentialing Committee as ACNA moves forward in conjunction with ANA/ANCC to achieve specialty recognition. ACNA is sharing the two initial draft versions of Scopes and Standards of Cannabis Nursing Practice, with consideration that they are to be viewed as an evolving knowledge resource for our members.

To access the PDF copy please click on the link below:

ACNA Scope & Standards of Practice for Cannabis Nurses (Updated March 22, 2019)

ACNA Scope & Standards of Practice for Cannabis Nurses  (Approved July 14, 2017)

Disclaimer: Nurses must be aware that cannabis and most cannabinoids are federally illegal. They must also be knowledgeable about their state’s delineated scope of nursing practice and consider the legal status of cannabis in the given state and community where they practice. ACNA is not responsible for individual nurse interpretation or misuse of this document.


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