State Groups

State Groups 

One of the most common questions received at ACNA is, "Does my state have a chapter?"  or "How can I start a state chapter?"  In response the ACNA has formally launched it's State Meet-up Initiative.  

ACNA's long-term goal is to be recognized by the American Nurses Association as a specialty nursing organization and, accordingly, we have established the organization as a professional association. There are numerous rules and regulations that govern the chapters of professional associations and, frankly, ACNA is not yet in a position--legally or financially--to maintain formal state chapters.

As an interim measure ACNA has developed our State Meet-up Initiative.  These semi- formal groups give ACNA members a chance to meet and discuss issues of common concern. The initiative has been a great success.  If you are interested in leading a local meet-up or are interested in joining a meet-up contact us @  Meet ups will provide the much needed support that our members have been clamoring for.  You don't need to feel alone.  

In the future ACNA will establish formal state chapters with the anticipation of their active participation in legislative proceedings, educational opportunities, and, of course, patient counsel.

If you would like to learn more about the initative and/or wish to start a State Meet-up in your state please contact

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