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Celebrating National Nurses Week with Women Grow

  • 07 May 2015
  • Ann Arbor, Albuquerque, Asheville, Bay Area, Boulder, Denver, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle


In Celebration of National Nurses Week, the American Cannabis Nurses Association will be sharing & presenting “Every Patient Deserves a Nurse” at Women Grow Signature Networking Events on May 7th.

What is a Cannabis Nurse? The rapidly changing climate surrounding science & research of the Endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics, makes a nurse’s role essential within the cannabis world spectrum. Cannabis nurses understand cannabis as a treatment within a continuum of care which involves interacting components including other drugs and treatments, state/federal laws, and the physiology of illness, disease, daily living and aging. Cannabis nurses cultivate and maintain an attitude of respect and acceptance towards people who choose to use cannabis for health and well-being. 

Above all, Cannabis nurses are educators. ACNA provides continued education for nurses by offering courses such as the Core Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing and the Advanced Curriculum: Beyond the Basics. Both courses will be offered as preconference workshops at the 20th Anniversary of the Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics: "Celebrating the Past -- Embracing the Future" May 21-23, West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Cannabis nursing brings an important element of value to the cannabis industry as a whole. For the 13th year in a row, a Gallup poll ranked nurses as the top profession for trustworthiness and ethical standards in 2014. 80% of the people surveyed gave nurses high marks in this regard–15 percentage points higher than the next ranked profession. In the cannabis industry, nurses are valuable and trusted resources for medical information, patient care/services, staff training, cannabinoid education, and business growth and development. Cannabis nurses are eager to enter the industry and have shown to increase patient/customer retention through quality service, therapeutic relationship development, and repeated positive experiences. Bottom line–Cannabis nurses are good for business!

RSVP to a Women Grow Signature Networking on May 7th for ACNA’s presentation “Every Patient Deserves a Nurse” in 10 cities nationwide including; Ann Arbor MI, Albuquerque NM, Asheville NC, Bay Area CA, Boulder CO, Denver CO, New York NY, Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, and Seattle WA.

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