Would like to start a chapter in Massachusetts

  • 19 Jun 2019 9:21 PM
    Reply # 7588696 on 7158511

    I am very interested! I am an Rn on the North Shore.

  • 01 Jul 2019 12:20 PM
    Reply # 7722121 on 7158511

    I am also interested in a MA group! 

  • 07 Jul 2019 8:46 PM
    Reply # 7767754 on 7158511

    Hi everyone, I am an LPN in the Berkshires. I'm looking for like minded individuals that may be around in the area. Thanks!

  • 22 Jul 2019 10:57 AM
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    I leave on the North Shore in Massachusetts and I am very interested in forming a group for this region. Let's get started!

  • 25 Jul 2019 6:44 PM
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    Hello everyone I would be interested in being part of starting a chapter in MA. I am an RN I have worked in hospice and palliative care for the last 9 years I work in Central MA. 

    If anyone wants to reach out heres my email.


  • 26 Aug 2019 5:40 PM
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    Hello all. I am an LPN in Western Massachusetts. I am currently tossing around the idea of offering cannabis consultations for Medica patients or those considering using marijuana/CBD. Does anyone know if there are regulations for this (obviously staying within my scope of practice) or the best way to go about advertising for new clients? Has anyone run into issues with a provider you work for that knows you do consultations considering we have a federal license? Thanks in advance.

  • 03 Sep 2019 9:52 PM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Hi I am an RN in Winchester who helps individuals struggling with the effects of stress, cancer and chronic illness through a whole being approach. I am  presently going through the Radicle Health cannabis course for health professionals. 

    I would love to be part of the Massachusetts chapter. Looks like there is a lot of interest, how about we take The Green Nurse's offer to host the first meeting?? How do we get the ball rolling? I'm in and happy to help in anyway. Thanks!

  • 04 Sep 2019 5:19 PM
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    We (Marissa Fratoni, Jodi Chapin and myself) would like to have an ACNA  meet up for Massachusetts and New England Nurses at the Wellness Center where the GreenNurse Group Non-Profit operates out of. We are in the planning stages and have picked a date for Sunday October 20th at 12pm at Irie Bliss Wellness at 221 Union Street, Rockland Mass.  We are looking for a head count, topics of discussion, and those who may be interested in participating. Please feel free to reach out to us. 


    Sherri Tutkus RN BSN

  • 10 Sep 2019 12:41 PM
    Reply # 7873780 on 7158511

    Massachusetts and New England Meet Up 

    DATE:  Sunday October 20th

    TIME: 12pm - 2pm 

    LOCATION: GreenNurse Group located in Irie Bliss Wellness

    ADDRESS: 221 Union Street, Rockland Mass 02370


    Posting in facebook on both ACNA pages and GreenNurse Group Page here

  • 12 Sep 2019 8:04 AM
    Reply # 7877378 on 7158511

    Sherri I will be there on the 20th!!!

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