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  • 28 Dec 2015 10:59 AM
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    Deleted user

    Thanks for checking out the ACNA Meetup Forum for South Carolina!

  • 16 Apr 2016 1:26 AM
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    Deleted user

    Hello, my name is Chris and I am currently attending Nursing School at USC Upstate. I have been overwhelmed with school work and will be graduating this December. Afterwards I will make efforts to join the cause and support advocating.

  • 04 May 2016 11:01 PM
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    Hello Christopher! 

    Thank you for your interest in the ACNA! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. We all remember vividly the consuming nature of nursing school, but, if you stick with it, you will find the rewards are never-ending and the payoff is priceless. The ACNA does have a student membership available which may fit your situation perfectly. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to assist you in your endeavors. We'd be honored to have you as a member! The act of becoming a member is support enough! I hope you can make it to one of the South Carolina state meetups. I will put you in touch with our S.C. meetup leader. 

    I hope this finds you well!

    Amy Mack RN Secretary, ACNA

    Chair Membership Committee

    Board of Directors

  • 11 May 2017 10:58 AM
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    Hi, I wanted to reply to this thread. I live in NC and there is no NC group. With my compact license my license is also valid in SC. 

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