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Nancy Quigley MSN, NP-C, M.Ed, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC

ACNA Director

Nancy Quigley is a board certified holistic nurse practitioner/herbalist and entrepreneur. She attended Boston College for her undergraduate degree in nursing and Tennessee State University for her master’s degree in nursing. She holds a second master’s degree in exercise physiology from Boston University. She worked in corporate wellness, community health, and personal training/health coaching for ten years. As a business entrepreneur she operated a company that supplied media products to Nashville’s music industry. During those 18 years she grew her business into the region’s leading supplier of audio media until it was acquired by one of its vendors leaving her free to bring this business skillset back into the healthcare world to make a difference. She currently works as a team lead of complex cases in a utilization management company within the heart of the health care corporations just south of Nashville. In this position, she incorporates compliance with creative problem solving skills to assist predominantly elderly, chronically ill patients who have often fallen through the cracks of our challenging health care system.

Nancy studied herbal medicine with the renowned physician/herbalist Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. The knowledge gleaned has been invaluable in the application of creating herbal formulations and using herbal medicine in practice from plants grown organically on her farm outside of Nashville. Diving into cannabis medicine was a natural progression for Nancy with her passion for plant medicine. She has gone on to become a member of the nominating and research and education committee with the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA). Her belief in the power of this medicine was further enhanced from the opportunity in which she shadowed the cannabis physician, Dr. Uma Dhanabalan for a short time in Massachusetts. Currently Nancy is in her third year as a hemp farmer and processor in Tennessee within the pilot program that is incorporated with the cannabinoid/botanical medicine program at Middle Tennessee State University.

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